MRMLS Procedures for Listings When a Subscriber Moves to a New Office

When an agent leaves a brokerage, the parties involved need to decide who gets to work with the seller in the future, which in turn affects what is displayed in the MLS.

The broker who signs a listing contract is the responsible party (“owner”) of that listing. However, each brokerage sets policy that dictates how a listing and the seller of that property are dealt with when an agent moves to another office. Please refer to the Office Participant for guidance.

There are two common options:

Option 1. The original (old) brokerage is keeping all listings that the agent currently has:

All active and pending listings should be transferred to the broker that signed the contract. The Office Participant may opt to cut off the agent’s Flex and lockbox access immediately.

Option 2. The agent is taking listings with them:

The first thing that the broker who owns the listing needs to do is transfer all Pending listings to their name. No matter what the office policy is regarding these listings, in Flex they must stay with the original brokerage.

When the agent “takes” their listings with them to the new brokerage, they must cancel the listings until new contracts are signed under the new broker.

The agent will go into Flex, do a Full Copy of any active listings and save them as “Incomplete.” They then cancel the listings in MLS. Once they have moved to the new office, and have appropriate contracts signed, they can then go back into Flex and edit the listing to reflect those changes, including the List Date, which will have been copied from the original contract.

It’s very important for the integrity of MLS data that the information provided to subscribers matches what is in the associated real estate contracts.

By following this protocol, the Regional MLS is providing our subscribers many benefits:

  • The agent won’t have to fill in all the fields for the new listing, just edit the necessary ones

  • Sales statistics pulled by brokerages should be accurate

  • The process puts responsibility on brokers to make sure contracts are completed correctly

  • It keeps the MLS out of the negotiations between agent and broker

  • The accuracy of listing data should be reliable

Thanks for doing your part to make this a smooth transition, and don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions!

Montana Regional MLS

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