President's Message - April 2019

I believe that we, as REALTORS®, often overlook our safety and take it for granted. Why do we tend to ignore it and think we are immune? How many times do we get so caught up in our business that we neglect taking steps to ensure we will return home safely at the end of the day?

The importance of safety really hits home when you learn the story of Beverly Carter's murder. Several of us from GFAR had the opportunity last month to hear Beverly Carter's son, Carl, talk about the tragic loss of his mother. It was a life changing experience. He talked about what happened during her ordeal and some of the steps that may have prevented it. A few safety precautions he pointed out were:

  1. Verify your buyers - who are they?

  2. Let your peers know where you will be.

  3. Trust your gut instinct.

Will Parker, a recent REALTOR® safety education instructor at GFAR & HAR, asked that both associations donate to the Beverly Carter Foundation in lieu of his speaking/instructor fee. The Great Falls Association of REALTORS® joined the Helena Association of REALTORS® to donate a combined $4000 to the Beverly Carter Foundation. Carl Carter made the trip from Arkansas to Helena to receive the check for the foundation.

Carl started the foundation after his mother's death and continues to use it to help promote REALTOR® safety and communicate its importance in the industry. You can read more on The Beverly Carter Foundation at their website or on their Facebook, both have some amazing articles and tips on how to keep yourself safe. Please like their page and consider donating to the foundation.

We need to take our safety more seriously and stop assuming "It won't happen to me." The truth is that it DOES happen, regardless of where you live. You have the power though; your safety is in your hands. You can read articles related to safety, take classes, review office safety policies, and buy self defense devices to make sure you are prepared. Invest in the time to protect yourself and it could prevent you from becoming a target.

Stay Safe!

Josh Lind

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