President's Message - September 2018

INSPIRATION. An interesting word, that means to inspire or cause someone to do something, a good idea, a force or influence.

I often wonder what inspires a person to do something...good or bad. I have watched a lot of motivational videos and read many books on sports heroes and everyday heroes that attribute someone or something that inspired them in their lives. Have you ever thought about what inspires you? Have you thought about what inspired you to get into Real Estate?

I have asked myself what is my inspiration? I realized early in my Real Estate career that the accomplishment of others is what inspires me. Seeing lives changed on a daily basis, whether it be our clients by helping them buy or sell a home or property, helping a new or seasoned fellow REALTOR®, volunteering time to a worthy organization or cause, being a member of our Association and being one of many voices that can help shape the future of our industry. I guess to sum it all up “Pride in being a REALTOR®” is ultimately my inspiration.

As always there are a lot of changes coming in our industry, will you be inspired by your REALTOR® title? Will you give back to the industry that supports you? Will you give back to your Association whether local or state? Will you get involved this year? Don’t make your decision to be involved based on someone else's thoughts or experiences, (you don’t know the whole story) be involved because you are inspired to make our industry better and you want your voice heard!

Never say ''I'll get involved, tomorrow or next week, I’m too busy'' there is no tomorrow, there is no next week there is only now. If you believe you can make a difference now it's because you must act now. So go and show the world, show anyone that has ever doubted that you are in control of you. Show the doubters and the nay-sayers that one person can make a difference. Each of us is more powerful than we could ever imagine, don’t waste your power on what someone else thinks, use that power to be the greatest at what ever you decide to do and do it for you. Contribute to the world around you the best you can so that you leave it a better place than when you came into it.

I ask you: Who Inspires You? What inspires you?

This month I challenge you to...Be Inspired and Get Involved!

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