Twenty Questions - Danielle Lienhard

1. Name?

  • Danielle Lienhard

2. How long have you been a Realtor?

  • 7 years

3. How long have you lived in Montana?

  • 30 years

4. Morning Person or Night Owl?

  • Night Owl

5. Do you have a favorite sport or team?

  • Football - Baltimore Ravens

6. Which song will you admit you know all of the words to?

  • Most Nickelback songs....and they're AWESOME!

7. What is the most unique thing about you, or something you have done that others may not have?

  • I hold the Pope & Young record for the largest antelope shot with a bow in Cascade County and it's in the top 50 in the state.

8. If you had a day that was all about you, how would you spend it?

  • Sleeping in, get a massage, eat cheese and crackers with red wine for every meal, sit by a fire somewhere with a view.

9. What fad or trend do you hope comes back one day?

  • The Blackberry

10. Do you have any pets?

  • 2 miniature Australian Shepherds, Bella & Friday

11. If you weren’t a Realtor, what would you be?

  • A Pilot

12. Within the United States, where would you love to travel to?

  • New York

13. Do you have any kids?

  • NOPE

14.What’s the best advice you’ve ever received or your life’s motto?

  • Fail Big

15. What is the most impressive thing you know how to do?

  • Public Math

16. What hobby or activity would you get into if time or money weren’t an issue?

  • Flying

17. What would be your spirit animal?

  • An Eagle

18. What’s the best piece of advice you could give to any person who reads your answers?

  • Don't Lose.... Win or Learn.

19. What do you hope to accomplish in the next 5 years?

  • World Domination

20. What is something you think everyone should do at least once in their lives?

  • Zip Lining

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