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Board of Directors Nominees

The positions to be elected are President‐Elect, Vice President, Treasurer, & Local Director (3 position). Applicants must meet the required qualifications as identified in the 2023 GFAR Officer Job Description.

  • Online and absentee voting will end Tuesday, September 27.
  • Voting will be conducted online, by absentee ballot requested via email or at the GFAR office and at the annual membership meeting to be held on Wednesday, September 28th.
  • The Election Task Force will oversee the final voting opportunity and count ballots at the membership breakfast.
  • New officers will be announced at the member breakfast on Wednesday, September 28th.

Contact GFAR staff with any questions.

2023 BOD Nominees


The President-Elect shall perform the duties of the President in the event of his/her absence or disability and shall have such other powers and duties as prescribed by the Board of Directors. Additional duties and responsibilities of the President-Elect include:
• Serves as a member of the Executive Committee
• The President-Elect shall succeed to the office of President. If the office of President becomes vacant between elections, the President-Elect shall fill the vacancy and complete the unexpired term. The president-Elect who fills a vacancy in the office of the President shall automatically become President for a full term after completion of the unexpired term
• Receives copies of all correspondence that the President receives, as well as any pertinent committee reports
• Active member of Budget & Finance committee
• Appoint all vice/co-chairpersons for existing committees

Nominees Are:

Jennifer Benski, Lifestyle Real Estate Firm

“My Career started out in Law Enforcement for 5 years before getting into property management and continued to do property management, real estate and help design the flip house I work on with my husband of 5 years. When not working, I love to spend any time I have with my dog Chesney.”

Why do you feel you would make a good GFAR officer and/or what contributions can you make to the organization’s success? “I have been involved in a committee or the Board for the last 3 years, I’ve received the knowledge to lead the organization and I have the want to still be involved.”

Professional Experience: Montana Law Enforcement Academy, Property Management License, Broker/Supervising Broker License

GFAR Officer Positions: Currently Vice President, has held Local & State Director at GFAR

GFAR Committee Positions: YPN Co-Chair

State Association Positions/Committee: Leadership PEG, YPN Committee

Pete Fontana, Cornerstone Appraisal Service

Peter J Fontana has over thirty years of experience in the Real Estate Appraisal Profession. He has a diverse background with extensive experience in governmental appraisal, mass appraisal, personal property appraisal, single property appraisal, tax appeal and litigation. He has also served as a Subject Matter Expert for the Appraisal Qualifications Board for 10 years as an exam item writer, and serves on the Appraisal Foundations Board of Trustees, in Washington D.C. Peter began his career as the elected county assessor in one of Montana’s largest urban counties, then as a statewide appraisal supervisor for the Montana Department of Revenue, specializing in mass appraisal model development, and finally owning and operating a private fee appraisal firm. Peter also currently serves on a number of other publicly accountable boards; such as Montana Board of Real Estate Appraisers (Chair), Montana Board of Optometry (Vice Chair) as a non-industry member, Governor, Montana Regional MLS Board of Governors, Member, Real Property Valuation Committee National Association of REALTOR®. Past Board affiliations include, Local Director for the Great Falls Association of REALTOR®, Chair of the City of Great Falls Planning and Zoning Commission, Chair of the Cascade County Planning Board and Zoning Board of Adjustments, Vice Chair of the Cascade Tax Appeal Board. Peter is the principal and owner of Cornerstone Appraisal Service, a residential appraisal firm located in Central Montana. Peter holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration, majoring in Finance, from the University of Montana.

Why do you feel you would make a good GFAR officer and/or what contributions can you make to the organization’s success? “Characteristics that would make me a good GFAR officer are my 28 years of experience in the real estate appraisal field, coupled with my experience serving on publicly accountable boards. Boards such as the Montana Board of Real Estate Appraisers, Montana Board of Optometry, Cascade County Planning Board, Cascade County Tax Appeal Board, City Planning and Zoning Commission and The Appraisal Foundations Board of Trustees. Specific contributions I can make to the board is my ability to analyze any issue from a 360-degree perspective and bring consensus on the matter at hand.”

Professional Experience: Certified Residential Appraiser, BS Finance University of Montana, 1990 Graduate

GFAR Officer Positions: Governor-MRMLS, Local Director

GFAR Committee Positions: MLS, Executive Search Committee

State Association Positions/Committee: Real Property Valuation Committee, Trustee- Appraisal Foundation, Washington DC, Chair Montana Board of Real Estate Appraisers

Marie Willson, Fathom Realty

“The word, Journey would best describe my life as a REALTOR® since 2008. I am continuously engaged by volunteering on local committees, state committees and national committees for the REALTOR® Association. My passion is helping kids. I am currently the Uptown Optimist President. As President we have contributed close to $100,000 to our kids in the community in 2021-2022. Some of the programs include, Cancer Campaign, Boys and Girls Club, Kelly’s Closet, Meadowlark Park Project and more. From 2011 to 2021 I served as the Fort Benton Summer Celebration Parade Chair, bringing over hundreds of thousands of dollars to the community. I also served as a committee member for the Fort Benton Spring Classic Fishing Derby raising over $10,000 to give to the community and to the animal shelter for 10 years. I have served as the Montana Association of REALTORS® Chair for Professional Development, Vice President for the Great Falls Association of REALTORS®, National Association of REALTORS® Leading Edge Committee and Montana Association of REALTORS® YPN Chair. I was Rookie of the Year in 2010 and REALTOR® of the Year in 2019. My goal is to strive for excellence. I have been to the National Association of REALTOR® Conventions over the years and the Montana Association of REALTORS® meetings consistently. I also went to Washington DC for legislative meetings in May of 2019. I find being a REALTOR® has no limits, except the ones you set for yourself. Cheers!”

Why do you feel you would make a good GFAR officer and/or what contributions can you make to the organization’s success? “I have been truly involved and engaged with the REALTOR® Association from the beginning of my Career in 2008. The value of being involved has led me to being a better REALTOR®. The success of our Industry solely relies on the contributions and efforts of our REALTORS®.  As a leader for GFAR, I can share my knowledge and experiences with our Association and contribute true experience and value to GFAR. I will bring value to this position, integrity to our association and commitment to this position. It's "Who We "R".

Professional Experience: 14 years as a REALTOR®, Supervising Broker for Fathom Realty, Current President of Uptown Optimist, Leadership Training through MAR

GFAR Officer Positions: Vice President

GFAR Committee Positions: Image Committee 2010, YPN Chair, Stand Up for Students Committee Member

State Association Positions/Committee: Professional Committee Member, Professional Development Chair, YPN State Chair

National Association Positions/Committee: Leading Edge Committee

Vice President

The Vice President is responsible for performing such duties and responsibilities as assigned by the
President and/or Board of Directors. Duties and responsibilities of the Vice President include:
• Serves as a member of the Executive Committee
• Representing the President and the Association at the Local Board Level
• Serves as Induction Officer
• Serves on the Budget & Finance Committee
• Actively participates and provides input into association programs in order to be able to assume the Presidency should the need arise

Nominees Are:

Mandy Koppany, Inspire Real Estate

“Nothing gives me as much satisfaction as seeing my clients realize their dreams and achieve their real estate goals! Real estate is more than a transaction to me. Real estate is protecting, teaching, coaching, guiding, and many more things. It is the feeling of seeing a young family walk through the doors of their first home. It is seeing someone move onto new adventures and get closure with the sale of a property. It is seeing kids play in the backyard while a grandparent watches from the back porch. Real estate can be so many things, but to me it is joy. I love the sweet smile of accomplishment, and the happy tears that sometimes accompany a closed real estate transaction. By nature, I am driven and competitive, so naturally when someone trusts me with their real estate goals and dreams...I get to work. I began my real estate career in 2015. Since then, I have become a top producer at my own boutique brokerage. Throughout my career, I have chosen to complete my GRI Certification, my Military Relocation Certification, completed my Broker’s designation course work, then opened Inspire Real Estate Inc. I was a military brat growing up, and I married a military man. My husband and I have six amazing productive adult children. I realize the importance of family. God has truly been good to me. Lastly, through the utilization of technology and good old fashioned elbow grease, I have worked diligently to help my buyers and my sellers achieve their real estate dreams. I pride myself on having current knowledge about Great Falls real estate, from current market conditions, property values, negotiation techniques, marketability of a property, and much more.  I value my industry and take seriously my ethical commitments to the clients and neighbors I serve.”

Why do you feel you would make a good GFAR officer and/or what contributions can you make to the organization’s success? “I am invested in the real estate industry at the association level and have committed time, energy, and money to support and actively engage in all endeavors to promote REALTORS® serving honorably in the community of Great Falls.  I am a natural leader and look for opportunities to serve others through a leadership role.  Always looking for a solution, and not adding to the problem is something that I pride myself on in all facets of life.  I have demonstrated my willingness to be trained/coached by being a part of the Montana Association of REALTOR® Leadership Academy, and I look forward to being able to exercise these new skills in this role.”


Professional Experience: Broker Certification (2020), Completed 3 levels/years of REALTOR® Institute (Certificate of Merit), Became an S Corporation (2020),  Completed Supervising Broker Course (2021), 60 hour Montana Broker Course, Supervising Broker Class, Multiple Offers: Keep it Real, Ethical and Sane Course, Educating Sellers Course, Go Forth Sin No More: The Code of Ethics,  Professional Standards Training, Military Relocation Professional Certification Course, C2EX, Fairhaven: Fair Housing Education Course, Code of Ethics Education Course (2021), Excelling in Association Leadership (REAL), Anatomy of an Appraisal Course,  Montana Association of REALTOR® Leadership Academy

GFAR Officer Positions: Served as Board Secretary (2018)

GFAR Committee Positions: Served on IMF Committee (2017-2018), YPN Committee Chair (2018), MLS Advisory Board (2021), Professional Standards/ Grievances Committee (2019 and 2022)

State Association Positions/Committee: MAR Member (2016-current), Attended Montana Leadership Retreat (2018), MAR Fall & Spring Business Conferences (2021-2022), Montana Leadership Academy (2022)

National Association Positions/Committees: NAR Member (2016-current), Attended NAR Legislative Meetings (2022), Consumer Communications Committee Member (2022)

Lorie Jean Schult, Good Deeds Real Estate

“I have been actively involved on the Local and State Board for many years now and wish to continue my service on the Local Board. Currently, I am the Central Montana Region Ambassador, Serve on the Graduate REALTOR® Institute Committee leading coordination of the GRI tradeshow. Chamber of Commerce has a Leadership Program and a Business networking group which I have chaired for over 3 years now. New City Church served on the leadership team as well.”

Why do you feel you would make a good GFAR officer and/or what contributions can you make to the organization’s success? “I have a servant’s heart to help others and our organization. My baby steps into leadership started as Co-Chair my first year in Real Estate and I currently am the Central Montana Region Ambassador. I have served or attended MANY meetings with MAR.”

Professional Experience: Served in various leadership positions since 2014 REALTOR®/Broker/Supervising Broker/GRI/ABR/MRP/CRS/PSI

GFAR Officer Positions: Board Secretary/Local Director/State Director

GFAR Committee Positions: Stand up for Students/Co-Chair/Member, YPN/Flag Participant

State Association Positions/Committee: Vice Chair Professional Development/Chair Professional Development, Central Montana Region Ambassador, Attend State Meetings past several years and also the Executive Committee, GRI, Data Integrity Panel, OH and Convention Committee

National Association Positions/Committee: Member NAR/RPAC


Records all minutes for Board of Directors meetings, membership meetings, annual meeting,
Executive Committee meetings, miscellaneous meetings, and events as directed by the President
• Serves as a member of the Executive Committee
• Provides draft copy of minutes to Chief Executive Officer within one (1) week of Board meeting

Nominee Is:

Danette Sukut, Coldwell Banker The Falls Real Estate

“I have been on the Board of Directors and Budget & Finance Committee for several years. I am familiar with the budgets for both the association and the MRMLS. My history and knowledge will be helpful to the committee and the executive team for both entities.”

Why do you feel you would make a good GFAR officer and/or what contributions can you make to the organization’s success? “I have been a REALTOR® for almost 10 years. I've learned through past work experiences that it's important to be involved in your work. I will continue to advocate for the association by recruiting realtors and affiliates and encouraging them to be involved. Knowledge is power. Every member needs to be involved and understand how GFAR works/supports it's members and advocates for property rights for property owners.”

Professional Experience: MSU Bachelor of Science Degree Business Admin Management/Marketing

GFAR Officer Positions: Local Director

GFAR Committee Positions: Budget & Finance Committee, Nominating Committee, MRMLS Date Integrity Panel, YPN, Stand up For Students, Flag Committee, Inspiration Award Committee

Local Director

A Local Director brings to the membership experience and knowledge of the organization. Provides
advice based on his/her experience.
• Will serve on and/or chair Fair Housing and Diversity/Equity/Inclusion Committee as
appointed by President

Nominees Are:

Amber Corrow-Scott, Fathom Realty

“Born and raised in Great Falls, Mt., I have had an eclectic mix of jobs and careers. My real estate career began in 2006 and has been nothing but rewarding and challenging for the last 16 years. Until recently, I had no interest in being part of our association. I thought as many others think; what is the point? Over the last few years, I have seen the changes and the potential future of our industry and frankly, it scares the hell out of me. It is now more important than ever to be able to show our worth and make sure we are holding ourselves to a higher standard or we will become obsolete. This is my career, not just a job. It puts food on my table, pays for my house and affords me the ability to live a better life. We MUST protect our industry at all costs. If not us, then who?”

Why do you feel you would make a good GFAR officer and/or what contributions can you make to the organization’s success? “I have a vested interest in ensuring our industry remains viable and necessary”

Professional Experience: Montana Association of REALTOR® Leadership Academy, Ombudsman, Professional Standards, Grievance Committee

GFAR Committee Positions: MLS Committee, MLS New Member Orientation Trainer

Joann Gogo-Semana, Fathom Realty

“I am the President for the Exchange Club of Great Falls, an executive member in the Military Affairs Committee, a board member in the Rotary Electric Club, and a member of the Uptown Optimist Club. When I have a vision and am passionate about it, I find others to buy-in to the vision and bring it to fruition. A few things I’ve created are the first Holiday Meals for our Military who work during the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays, and I created the first ever Montana Multi Cultural Fair. Each of these events have been very successful among other various things I’ve spearheaded.”

Why do you feel you would make a good GFAR officer and/or what contributions can you make to the organization’s success? “My passion, dedication, and commitment to an organization I am involved in.”

Professional Experience: I have over 15 years with engagement in various different service organizations throughout the Great Falls community. I’ve chaired different programs/events throughout my career and have established several first-time events in Great Falls. I was the membership director at the GF Chamber of Commerce for 8 years and the sponsorship coordinator at MAFB for about 7 years.

GFAR Committee Positions: I am actively involved with the Stand Up for Students Committee

Kristi Holmlund, Holmlund Properties

“I am a graduate of Leadership Great Falls through the Chamber of Commerce, Past board member of Charlies Friends with the CM Russell Museum, Past board member with Eagle Mount of Great Falls as well as the Great Falls Advertising Association. Committee member on the Exchange Club, GF Ad Club or GFAF, Cascade County Aging Services. Past recipient of the salesperson of the year award in broadcast sales for the State of MT.”

Why do you feel you would make a good GFAR officer and/or what contributions can you make to the organization’s success? Over 40 years of business experience as an employee, manager, regional director and now broker/owner has provided me with the tools to not only see the individual challenge but also to address challenges that could occur as a result, (i.e. the bigger picture)

Professional Experience: CMR Graduate, 18 Years Travel Agent, 16 Years Broadcast Sales, 2 Years REALTOR®, 4 Years Broker/Owner

GFAR Officer Positions: Chairman, MLS Advisory Board

GFAR Committee Positions: MLS Advisory Board - Committee Member

Adam Monroe, ERA Advantage Realty

“I lead a successful real estate team. I also have been in leadership of New City Church for over 4 years leading kids Ministry. Coach Wrestling at Great Falls high School for 12 years (3 State Titles).”

Why do you feel you would make a good GFAR officer and/or what contributions can you make to the organization’s success? Communication to GFAR about issues that come up. Help market and sale changes back to the agents.

Professional Experience: Master’s in education

Sharon Virgin, Dustin Young & Company

“The only positions I haven't filled on our board over the past 25 years is Vice President and Local Director. I have been involved with our association for almost all of my 25 years. I am also a Board member for the Great Falls Community Food Bank and the GFDA, past board member for the GF Police Foundation Board, current Committee Chair and Board Member at the MAR level, I have also been a committee member at NAR.”

Why do you feel you would make a good GFAR officer and/or what contributions can you make to the organization’s success? “I have been involved over the years and would like to continue to support our organization. I am not afraid to talk about what’s going on and give my opinion!”

Professional Experience: RE of the year GFAR, 25 years licensed, owned my own office, managed offices

GFAR Officer Positions: All positions except Local Director/Vice President

GFAR Committee Positions: Chair & member image committee, Prior Chair and current member Budget & Finance, Various PAG's over the years

State Association Positions/Committee: Current Chair Professional Development, past Communication, DEI Pag, Convention, Forms Committee, PAG's

National Association Positions/Committees: Leading Edge Advisory Committee member 2019