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Broker Requirements

In the State of Montana, a person may not engage in or conduct business in the capacity of a Real Estate Broker until that person has received a license from the Montana Board of Realty Regulation.

The following is general licensing information for Brokers:

Renewal Period: September 1 through October 31

Renewal Fee: $175.00

Continuing Education Requirements: 12 hours of continuing education annually through courses approved by the Board.

Apply online here: Board of Realty Regulation Real Estate Broker

Interested in being a Supervising Broker?

A Supervising Broker Endorsement is required to supervise salespeople in Montana. In order to obtain the Supervising Broker Endorsement, you must be licensed in Montana as a broker and complete an 8-hour Supervising Broker Pre-Endorsement Course. Course information can be found on the home page.

Once the Supervising Broker Endorsement is obtained, the licensee must take one 4-hour approved Supervising Broker course each licensing year to maintain their Supervising Broker Endorsement. Approved Supervising Broker maintenance courses will have the words "Supervising Broker" in the title of the course.

Apply online here: Board of Realty Regulation Supervising Broker Endorsement